We are an interconnected community of 60 Churches and 3 Immigrant Fellowships in the southern part of New Jersey. We follow the Presbyterian system of church government and have the responsibility to share our belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that through his life, death, and resurrection God has acted decisively to bring peace and reconciliation to all humankind. We are in total approximately 13,607 members. Our formal name is, The Presbytery of West Jersey (Presbyterian Church USA).

How We Are Organized:
The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy, with each area wide Presbytery functioning as the collective bishop. All of the ministers serving its churches are members of the Presbytery; each congregation nominates one or more elders to represent their Church, with full voting rights, at a Presbytery meeting.

What We Do:
In addition to our work of preaching, teaching, healing, and compassionate acting through congregations, the Presbytery of West Jersey shares its financial and human resources with a regional body called the Synod and a national body called the General Assembly. Locally, the Presbytery also witnesses to Jesus as Lord and Savior by working with and through other Christian churches, organizations and missions.

Our Invitation:
Come and worship with any of our Churches and discover that there are challenging and reliable answers to your life's deepest questions!

Mission Statement
The mission of the Presbytery of West Jersey is to nurture the Christian faith, life and common witness of our congregations and pastors. Open to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, we seek fresh ways to serve and grow, praying that in and through us God will make all things new.