The Presbytery of West Jersey (WJP) seeks to glorify God in our life, ministry and mission.  We cover 7 counties including 2 urban areas of Camden and Atlantic City.  We have farms and Pine Barrens and some of the busiest roads in the nation.  We cover 3,488 square miles from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean. With 60 churches speaking 4 languages in worship on Sunday morning, the Presbytery of West Jersey is a diverse, gifted group of people, churches and relationships.  Our 12,065 members of these churches are involved in their communities, in partnership with other churches in the presbytery and internationally doing mission work worldwide.   We are many things, but at our core we seek to further the kingdom of God, by serving our congregations in everything that we do.

WJP seeks to resource our congregations and clergy.  Through staff and committees and connection to the larger church we look for ways to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. 

“The mission of the Presbytery of West Jersey is to nurture the Christian faith, life and common witness of our congregations and pastors.  Open to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, we seek fresh ways to serve and grow; praying that in and through us God will make all things new.”  This is our mission statement but how we live into this reality is an ever changing conversation.

Come, join us