Presbytery Council consists of 8 members:

Purpose: To encourage and hold accountable the committees of the presbytery in their work of serving Jesus Christ and Christ's church; to coordinate and administrate the activities of presbytery as directed in the by-laws; and to prayerfully seek God's future for the presbytery through corporate-discussion, visioning and planning.

Function: The Council Functions like a congregational session

Rev. Michele Allen, Moderator-Elect

Rev. Wendy Boer, Stated Clerk

Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli,
Moderator of Council

Rev. Joel Buckwalter, Moderator

Rev. John Fordyce

RE Milton Fredericks                  

Rev. Mary Louise Hawken, Chair of Finance

Rev. Eliza Jaremko

RE Dave Kershaw, President of Trustees

Rev. Don Painter




Rev. Joel Buckwalter

The Moderator shall:


Preside at meetings of Presbytery.
Presides at ordination and installation of Teaching Elders.
Serve as liaison between committees.
Conduct the Commissioning Service for the commissioners to Synod and General Assembly.
Appoint all special committees and commissions unless otherwise instructed by the Presbytery.
Preside at Council in absence of Executive Presbyter.
Serve as a voting member of council. 

Moderator - Elect

Rev. Michele Allen

The Moderator-Elect shall:

Serve as a voting member of Presbytery Council.
Serve as liaison between committees.
Preside at Presbytery meetings in the Moderator's absence.
Assist the Moderator in the formation of special committees. 




Committee on Ministry (COM)


Ruling Elder, Wendy Frisby,

Serves as pastor and counselor to ministers of Presbytery. Gives oversight to ministers and church relationships. Assists in filling pastoral vacancies.


Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Martha Jordan,

The duties and responsibilities of this committee include the nurturing and supervision of those who are preparing to become ministers of the word and sacrament.

Finance Committee
Chair: Rev. Mary Louise Hawken
Personnel Committee
Chair: Rev. John Nurnberger

Nominating Committee
Chair: Rev. Don Painter



Executive Presbyter 

Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli

Stated Clerk

 Rev. Wendy Boer