General Assembly
GA Summary Bulletin Insert
GA Summary Bulletin Insert (Large Print)

Liturgical Resources

They Met To Read The Bible (pdf)
They Met to Read the Bible (doc)


Per Capita 2018: .xlsx  .pdf

2017 Per Capita Apportionment

Church Treasurer's Manual

Shared Facilities Covenant.doc

Financial Review Guide

General Presbytery

Manual of Operations, updated 2017

Gracious Dismissal Policies (approved)

Supreme Court Marriage Q&A

Policy on Personal Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct
(adopted 11-18-14)

Child and Youth Protection Policy
(adopted 11-18-14) if you need this file in Word format, please contact the Presbytery office

2017 Mission Remittance Form

2017 Narrative Mission Budget

2017 Mission Pledge Form

Ethics Policy for Departing Pastors

Pastoral Services Survey

Request for Program Funds

Bylaws of the Presbytery, updated 2017

2015-17 Book of Order

Book of Confessions.pdf

Adult Baptism Certificate.doc 

Baptism Certificate.doc

Deacon Installation Certificate.doc

Deacon Ordination Certificate.doc

Confirmation Certificate.doc

Membership Certificate.doc

Ruling Elder Installation Certificate.doc


Clerk of Session Manual

Guidelines for Session Personnel Committees


Agenda for a Congregational Meeting to Elect a Pastor Nominating Committee

Committee on Ministry COM

2018 Compensation Policy

2018 Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet 

2017 Associate Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet 

Dissolution Agreement.doc

Procedure to Dissolve Pastoral Relationship


Standards of Ethical Conduct.pdf

Temporary Pastoral Leadership Contract (Terms of Call)

Statement of Ethics for Ministers of the Word and Sacrament Departing/Retiring from a Congregation

Committee for Preparation for Ministry CPM


WJP Academy Fund Application.pdf

CPM Forms on PCUSA website