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Welcome, we have several 1/2 day and 1 day workshops/retreats available to you and your congregation.  All workshops are created and presented by the Congregational Life Team.  If you don't see something that fits your needs we can customize a workshop for your church. Contact us to find out how.

Rev. Ellie Cowherd

The Rev. Eloise A. Cowherd (Ellie), graduated from Grove City College (BA) and Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv). She has been in the Presbytery of West Jersey since 1970, serving several churches, on many Presbytery committees as a member or chair and as Moderator of the Presbytery. She served as Manager of Pastoral Care at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly for 19 years.

As the Presbytery’s Consultant for Congregational Life, she provides support, consultative services, resources, leadership training, and coaching to the congregations of the presbytery, with particular attention to struggling churches of the Presbytery. She develops and implements services and programs that encourage initiatives and strategies for congregational health.

Ellie lives in Southampton. She loves, Chopin, Cezanne, London, Paris, and Florence, cetaceans (whales and dolphins), house floor plans, and many other things, including Presbyterian congregations. 


Is YOUR congregation all that it can be?

A Call to Holy Discernment

 - A retreat for church leaders 
to discover God's calling for your congregation.

New challenges for congregations in our times.

Social Media

The Great Emergence

New social patterns and expectations

Agonizing battles over social and ethical issues

Possibilities abound!

Can you lead with confidence in this critical and anxious time?

Our consultant Rev. Ellie Cowherd offers a Retreat for Churches Navigating the Bumpy Roads of Change.

Confident Leadership:

For churches challenged by rapid change, based on HEALTHY CONGREGATIONS and the Systems Theories of Edwin Friedman and Peter Steinke, this one-day event explores the effects and management of anxiety in congregations and also promotes competent leadership in times of change, uncertainty or conflict.
Contact Ellie today and book YOUR retreat date.

Holy Hopes For Vital Cogregations-

Nurture your leadership with these workshops-"Order In"- we'll come to you.

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The Spiritual Role of Elders-

A one-day event for any session that wants to discover the presence, power and purpose of God at work through them for their congregation and their mission in the world.

Finding Your Biblical Story-

A one-day event for congregations desiring to go deeper in understanding themselves as a spiritual body of Chirst and seeking to live out their unique identity and mission.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts-

A 1/2 day workshop to determine your God-given gifts, which are not the same as talents or skills and which are given for your joy and for the building up of the whole church.

Appreciative Inquiry-

  A one-day event that is an exciting process and approach to planning that discovers the best in the past and present, carries those life-giving factors into the future, and evokes energy and commitment from the participants.

Listening to God Deeply-

This 1/2 day event focuses on the spiritual practice of listening to god as the foundation for envisioning a chuch's future.

Spiritual Practices for Leaders-

A 1/2 day workshop on individual and group practices that will enrich your ministry and enhance your spiritual life.